Bangkok, October 28th, 2009


  1. what the hell is he doing with that pepsi in the bag?

  2. your pictures look awesome! i'm so much looking forward to being there soon :-)
    btw: i was asking myself the same question... pepsi in a bag??

  3. gaaa! i love all the vendor dudes in the tshirt market! and i love the girl in the stripey shirt throwing up happy vibes! whoo facehunter!

  4. Hey! I know why the pepsi is in a bag, I remember buying soda in bags when I was little :P... well it is basically because the sellers have to return the bottles, you can't take them with you, and that's why the soda "to-go" is in a bag... They put a straw on it thiugh... so you can drink it hehehe :D

    I love this blog!

  5. Love your blog ivan, very nice pictures that capture the essence of Bangkok very well.

    Thank you for coming here and it was nice meeting you at the party!

    Chris (from aarau) :)

  6. Amazing! You should submit the photo of the poor street hawkers with a little girl smiling brilliantly back at you in the foreground to some National Geographic photo competition. Stunning contrast of her emotion and situation.. bravery or ignorance?

  7. what amazing adventures!! the food!!!

  8. oh wow. lovely lovely photos. and the t shirt market is just overwhelming.
    anyone know where tt is? have to go take a look when im in bkk!


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