Seoul, October 20th, 2009


  1. Thanks for publishing all these beautiful pictures that allow me to get in touch with a culture and a lifestyle that is different from mine, giving me the opportunity to grow and become a better person!

  2. i love how it moves from fashion ghost girls to super pretty outer space looks. and of course the one with the orange light's refraction hitting our eye and the models face reflecting in the mirror. ahh. so awesome.

  3. i love your mix~! and you have a really good eye for what's quite korean (after seeing the last few posts). i think you should produce a book titled "seoul" with these images ^^

  4. i like the last pic with Kim Min Hee, you should take a pic with her Nu Thang friend plus Daul Kim, that would be Heaven! Have you seen Jiyoung the blonde guy?

  5. kim min hee looks so pretty here!

  6. Super nice pics!!
    I love your blog..!
    And Korea is such a wonderful country..I really want to go there.You're so lucky!


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