São Paulo, December 12th, 2009


  1. I remember flying into Sao Paulo, I couldn't believe the buildings and urban sprawl. I've heard there is helicopter traffic, because the roads are so dense, a lot of business people have to take helicopters to get around town.

  2. really ?
    helicopters ?!

    in Hong Kong, people do not build that slide shaped building, as here is a tiny city you know XD

    i saw a blog last yr, it was about the man travelled to Bazil, he said many carved statues were wearing life jacket*

    links of them : http://f20.yahoofs.com/hkblog/dOLhyMKeGxu8GRQxzDnlLW0D8mA-_3/blog/ap_20081102033856151.jpg.jpg?ib_____DE1iCjIiu

  3. We're leaving to Sao Paulo in two days and you just got me way more pumped. Great pics


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