Stockholm, July 31st, 2009


  1. Youpi tralalala an other blog =)

  2. Really enjoying your new blog, although would like to see more pics of you. great determination poster, though not sure what makes her determined. ;-)

  3. YVAN, I looked at your newest photo series (Moscow, May 2010), so I decided to wander over to your oldest one (Stockholm, July 2009).

    the first photo --- camisole + dress on hangers, next to a seductive art poster -- is spectacular ++ and very staged THEN it's followed by an ordinary snapshot of commerce on the waterfront (also in its own way, "staged")

    I think they give me a clue as to your work in general ( the 21st C. as MIX-UP ::: continual re-manufacturing.of cultural objective reality .:. via artifice + design ..: with the photographer as active agent at the scale of subjective perceptions )


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